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Allora Botanical  skin care products is increasingly important to people interested in looking healthy and vibrant. If you are considering trying new skin care products, Allora botanical ingredients are something you want to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if these types of products are right for your skin.

What is Botanical Science?

  • Botanical skin care is the technology of including natural Botanicals into the skin care product. The natural ingredients come from the extracts and oils of plants and flowers in their purest forms.
  • Though people have been using these natural ingredients to fight the effects of aging or the symptoms of acne for thousands of years, now combined with modern scientific research, these natural ingredients are used more effectively.

Why is This Beneficial for Skin Care?

  • Botanicals mixed with scientific research give topical skin care products the ability to work better and smell better naturally (reducing the need for artificial fragrances). Several recent scientific studies performed on the primary herbs and natural oils that we use in Signature Skin products have been proven to restore skin to a healthier state.
  • It is simple, our body’s cells have been programmed throughout evolution to respond to botanicals that are naturally occurring in nature.
  • Another benefit that Botanicals offer is their antibacterial properties for the skin and pores. The natural ingredients in our products can help to combat MRSA, E-coli and other bacteria along with minimizing skin irritation. These natural ingredients can be especially beneficial to people who are accustomed to using products containing Glycolic acid, allowing them to use optimal concentrations on the skin.

Why Botanicals Recently?

  • People are tired of finding out that the artificial ingredients in their beauty regime are doing them harm or at best not doing any good. Skin care products that use ingredients proven in botanical research and from natural sources are safer and more effective in the long run.

Botanicals are responsible for the therapeutic benefits of Signature Skin Care products. These key bio-molecules have been chosen for their influence on improving skin cell function, reversing cellular aging and creating a healthy skin environment.