4 Ways to Practice Self- Care


Pamper Yourself: 4 Ways to Practice Self-Care

it’s important to find time to take care of ourselves. You should never feel guilty or selfish for putting your health first. If we neglect the importance of self-care it will eventually put a toll on us emotionally, mentally and physically.

1. Work-Life Balance

According to Mental Health America, :one in four Americans describe themselves as ‘super stressed.  These days, companies have the ability to easily access their employees around the clock. This makes it impossible for someone to leave work feeling unplugged. Allowing your stress to build up can be damaging not only to your health but also to your productivity.

The first step in maintaining a healthy work life balance would be:

Setting professional boundaries
Take time out of your day to get fresh air and enjoy a walk with your co-workers or step away from your desk for lunch. Having these boundaries will ultimately decrease any stress accumulating.

2. Stress Management

Stress is something that disrupts your body and its functions. If you let stress build up and don’t give yourself a break, it can lead to negative effects on your physical and emotional health. Having a better understanding of how your body reacts to stress is a great starting point when trying to manage it. Managing stress can be achieved a number of ways:

Take 5 minutes every morning to start your day with a clear mind. Meditation gives us the mind space needed to be productive and enables us to lead a calmer life.

Yoga is like meditation in motion, bringing together mental and physical disciplines. While there are many different styles of yoga, Hatha Yoga focuses on ways you can treat yourself. It helps you to forget about your responsibilities and find balance.

Set up a day by yourself or with a friend to relax and receive a massage or facial. Studies have shown that massages can reduce stress and pain, relax muscles, improve sleep and increase endorphins. Allora Day Spa the best day spa Orlando  is a great place to reset and clear your mind from any stress building up.

Unplug for the day
With technology continuing to evolve, we are becoming more and more connected. Whether it’s your smart phone, smart watch, tablet or laptop, these gadgets take over our lives. When was the last time you had an actual conversation with someone without being distracted? Take one day a week to unplug from your devices and enjoy the life around you. Engage with people, or escape reality at Allora Day Spa.

3. Treat Yourself

It’s important to love yourself in order to lead a healthy happy life. Doing something that makes you happy on a regular basis will help boost your self-esteem and mood in general. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty for loving yourself every once in a while.

Get a Mani/Pedi or give yourself one
Schedule that mani/pedi appointment with your girls that you’ve been dancing around for months. If it makes you happy and feel good about yourself then why not? You will leave feeling relaxed and pretty.

There is also the option to give yourself a  manicure and pedicure. If you already have a go to nail color all you need is a good OPI or DND polish.  Saves you money and time!

Get that hairstyle you’ve been wanting or dye it yourself
Treat yourself to a salon day and try out that hair cut or color you’ve been wanting. If you’re going to pamper yourself you might as well indulge, right? Nothing is better than leaving a salon with fresh silky hair.

4. Get Social

When was the last time you said yes to going to dinner with a friend? Or unplugged from your devices to spend time with your family? Having a healthy social life is an essential part to a self-care routine. The following are ways you can continue to have a social life, even if it’s once a week:

Spend time with family
Working long hours and not having that work life balance mentality will only increase your health risks and stress level at home. Put your phone and computer away for a couple hours and spend quality time with your family. Whether it’s enjoying a nice dinner at home, going out to dinner, or having a family game night.

Get dinner with a friend
In this hectic world, finding free time can be difficult which ultimately makes us say “no” to any opportunity we have to meet up with a friend. Do yourself a favor and say yes to the next friend that asks you to grab lunch or a drink at happy hour. Maintaining those close-knit relationships is critical for one’s self-care.

The next time you’re feeling stressed, remember that it’s not selfish to take time out for yourself. If you can take time out of your busy schedule to do even one of the things listed above, you’re already one step closer to self-care!

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